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Luxury Modern Room Tiles The bedroom is usually a private space for each person, it shows the style, personality and preferences of the owner. To have a modern and luxurious bedroom space while maximizing the bedroom effect to provide a night's sleep, interior design is very important and indispensable for tiles. Today's article we wants to share some of the most popular bedroom designs today: It is undeniable that wearing gray is very necessary for sophistication and the great aesthetic sense of the designer because gray is inherently silent, dark and silent. For those who prefer luxurious and elegant styles, the bedroom design with gray tiles will be the optimal choice. The bedroom has a simple design but still radiates the luxury of space. The neutral color gamut not only helps balance the space, but also brings a feeling of lightness, relaxation and peace when sleeping. The use of white coverings as the main color combined with the carpet as an accent provides a dynamic an